Company profile


  • Quick and conscientious delivery of the goods.  Transparent dispatch of the goods and continuous information about the status of the orders is guaranteed by modern satellite supervision.
  • Security for the drivers and carried goods - our vehicles are always on the newest state of technology.
  • Reliable execution of danger good transports - the special equipment of our trucks grants maximum security. In addition, all our drivers are in the possession of a danger good driving licence.

More advantadges

  • german-speaking staff  - reduces communication-problems during the dispatch and delivery at the forwarding agencies

  • large branch in Austria with sufficient storage capacity - allows excellent logistics

  • customer trust is strengthened by increasing high-quality handling of dispatch and logistics

Chronological development of our company

1956 Johann Buchberger senior founds a transport enterprise in Vienna.
1968 Johann Buchberger senior extends his fleet up to 25 trucks.
1970 Because of constant storage place problems on the area in Vienna the decision is taken to acquire a bigger area.
A 6,000 m2 property is acquired in Oeynhausen, 25 kms outside of Vienna, directly at the highway B17.
At the same time the international forwarding agency develops its business to Belgium and the Netherlands.
Only the fleet for international transports purposes
counts 25 trucks.
1980 Foundation of the forwarding agency
J.Buchberger Limited Company.
The area is extended by an additional purchase of around 3.000 m2.
The collective traffic to Belgium, the Netherlands and
France gets more important.
1986 Construction of a big storage hall of 1.000 m2.
Offering Just in time spare part transports within Austria.
1990 Foundation of the forwarding agency
J.Buchberger Limited Company in Luxembourg.
1997-98 The transportation company moves completely to Luxembourg and is closed in Austria.
The important storage facilities and logistic center remain existing in Austria.
2000 The fleet of the Buchberger Limited Company in Luxembourg counts 10 vehicles.
The branch in Austria is taking care about the storage and the distribution of the goods.
2002 The company specializes increasingly in the transportation of danger goods (ADR transports) and short delay deliveries.
2013 The company Buchberger Limited Company moves from Dommeldange to Windhof.
2015 Renewal of the vehicle fleet.
J. Buchberger - 1956
Johann Buchberger senior 1956
Familie Buchberger - 1982
Family Buchberger 1982
Fuhrpark - 1982
Fleet Buchberger 1982
Fuhrpark - 1987
Fleet Buchberger 1987
Lastwagen - 2004
Buchberger truck 2004
J. Buchberger jun. 2005
J. Buchberger jun. 2005
Buchberger truck 2005
Buchberger truck 2005